Thank you very much for always supporting &TEAM!

We would like to inform you about identity verification at『&TEAM 1st Anniversary [縁 DAY] in SEOUL』will be held on Sep 9th.

Please check the information carefully before attending the event to ensure that you are not adversely affected in any way.

・The identity of every guest will be verified on-site to prevent ticket scalping and illegal transfers.

・You can't enter the venue if you purchase the ticket with others ID even if you bring ID or any verification document. Please create a YES24 ID in your name before the ticket reservation.

・Customers under the age of 14 who make reservations using an ID in the name of their lineal ascendant are permitted to enter the venue only if the reservation holder proves that they are a lineal ascendant of the actual attendee of the event who is under the age of 14. In such cases, please bring all documents below.

 i) Document proving lineal ascent:A Family Relations Certificate or a Resident Registration Certificate

 ii) ID of the person who made the reservation

 iii) ID of the event attendee

※Admission will be declined if the reservation is made under the ID of a collateral family member (such as a sibling) or other person instead of a linear ascendant.

・There are many suspected cases of forged or falsified identification and other documents for verification. You may be asked to undergo additional steps of identity verification if your identification is suspected of forgery or falsification. We ask for your cooperation.

・If you reserve two tickets per event, your companion must undergo identity verification together with the reservation holder. If your companion is not the reservation holder, they cannot undergo identity verification alone.