[&TEAM - Bonding the world with &]

& is about bonding - people & individuals, humans & the world, fans & artists, fans & fellow fans, and ultimately bonding between 9 members each with their vivid colors. In a constant pursuit for a better self, the members’ energy synthesizes to create one team that continues to excel and breakthrough its limits. This is the meaning of &TEAM.

We are now collecting ideas for &TEAM’s official membership name, which will also be the official name of those joining &TEAM’s journey.

■Submission Period

13:00 September 5th ~ 23:59 September 8th, 2022 (JST)

■Membership Name Announcement

Scheduled on September 26th, 2022

■Submission Method

Please submit via the following link.


Thank you for your continuous support for &TEAM and we look forward to receiving your submissions.