The following information is for &TEAM Weverse Shop JAPAN. For more information regarding Weverse Shop GLOBAL to be announced, please check the announcement on Weverse Shop.

&TEAM 1st SINGLE 'Samidare' OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE will be available for pre-order on &TEAM Weverse Shop! Please check it out!

&TEAM 1st SINGLE 'Samidare' OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE Product Overview

■ Product Lineup







■ Purchase Limit

Each item is limited to 3 pcs per person per order.

*PHOTO CARD、PHOTO CAN BADGE is limited up to 18 pcs per order.

LUNCH TOTE BAG is limited up to 1 pc per order.

*The maximum number of items that can be purchased at the same time per payment is 50.

■ Pre-order Period (JST)

May 8, 2024, 18:00~May 20, 17:59

*Stocks are limited. Once the stock runs out, sales will stop even if it is during the pre-order period.

■ Merchandise Delivery Date

Please refer to each &TEAM Weverse Shop JAPAN, GLOBAL shipping schedule.

*There might be slight delivery delays due to traffic conditions, weather conditions, or the nature of certain delivery destinations, such as remote islands and other remote locations.

*Merchandise can only be sent to destinations within Japan.

■ Pre-order Site


*The payment deadline for convenience-store payments is two days after completing the order.

*Once the order is complete, any order cancellations, returns, payment method changes, or product change requests (including the quantity) will not be accepted.

*Typos including zip codes and addresses occur frequently. In particular, please be careful to correctly enter your address and check the confirmation screen to make sure there are no mistakes. If there is a problem with the information entered, you might not be able to make your purchase, so please pay extra attention.