We would like to inform you that we will be holding "LUNÉ's requests" corner at『&TEAM 1st Anniversary  [縁 DAY] in SEOUL』on September 9th.

Please join by writing your request for &TEAM on the request form provided at the venue, and &TEAM members will fulfill the requests of those randomly chosen on the day.

We look forward to your participation.

How to participate

・Request forms will be placed at the ticket box at the venue (one form per person).

・You can write only one request.

・You can make a request only for all &TEAM members. Requests for individual members will not be accepted.

・Please submit your request form to the request box fifteen minutes prior to the start time of the event.


・Please bring your stationery to fill out the form.

・If your request is selected by lottery, staff will come to your seat with a microphone.

・If your request is selected by lottery, you will be shown on the monitor. Please join the corner only if you agree to be shown on the monitor.